Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are here to help

For many people, their user group is the first insight into the OpenStack community, and an important part of their ongoing involvement. The Ambassadors help us tie the groups together, and work with each one to mentor it to be the best it can be.

If you are looking to start a new user group, are a member of an existing group, or are looking to get involved in your local community but don't know how the Ambassadors are here to help. Reasons you might contact your local Ambassador include:

  • You don't know how to find your local group, or are looking for a way to start contributing.
  • Needing to find the 'right person' to talk to in the OpenStack Community.
  • Wanting to move forward through the Official User Group process.
  • Wanting more information about what is going on with the OpenStack Foundation.
  • Providing feedback you heard from your attendees that should be delivered to developers.
  • Putting an item in the community newsletter.
  • Wanting to move forward through the Official User Group process.
  • Needing help to onboard new contributors.
  • Looking for good speakers, or need help finding sponsors.
  • Applying for funding for special activities.

Reasons Ambassadors might contact you could include:

  • Involving you and your group in global efforts and events.
  • Assisting with user group best practice – from nurturing new groups to cementing the quality of existing ones.
  • Asking for help with translating some content.
  • Asking for your a quick report on the activities in your region.

Are you Ambassador material?

The Ambassador title is designed to recognise those who are already good leaders with a proven track record in the community. If you want to become an Ambassador, you should start by doing good work - not requesting the title! The title is designed so that new users, contributors and community members should easily be able to recognize their Ambassador as a go-to resource. While the role provides inherent credibility, it also comes with accountability, meaning decisions and actions made by the Ambassador should benefit the whole community, not just one person or company.

We believe that the Ambassadors will already be active participants in our community. Think about those people who are already working across multiple user groups, submitting OpenStack mini-events to related conferences, helping onboard new users and contributors, arranging hackfests or just generally going above and beyond in the name of making Openstack great.

To that end, we intend to ask that potential ambassadors provide some information about themselves, namely:

  • Why are you applying to become an OpenStack Ambassador?
  • How have you participated in the OpenStack Community to date?
  • What ideas do you have for your community, that you wish you had time or resources to implement?

A small number of ambassadors will then be selected based on a set of criteria:

  • Community participation track record
  • Geographical location
  • Potential impact of selection on community

Do you have any questions?

Check the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact our Ambassadors directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is all this going to happen?

The Ambassador program was launched in August 2013.

How much do ambassadors get paid?

hey are paid in love – this is a volunteer position.

How big will the regions each Ambassador covers be?

Initially: big. We’re starting with a small number of ambassadors so we can learn before scaling up. We also want to avoid situations where there are many ambassadors in one region – hence the selection criteria related to geography.

How does “Ambassador” relate to “User Group Leader”?

OpenStack Ambassador and OpenStack User Group leader are two distinct roles, which can of course be fulfilled by one person, but they have distinct responsibilities. The Ambassador may be involved in running their local meetup group, but with their Ambassador hat on they’ll be chatting to the User Group Leaders in their region about how to best help – not taking over!

What will the term length be for ambassadors?

It’s a ‘job for life’. We believe that the kinds of people who would be eligible to be ambassadors will know when to step down gracefully.

How will we manage misuse of the ambassador title?

This question comes up frequently, but we have faith in our community. We’ll be applying selection criteria to weed out any undesirables at the beginning, but then keeping in constant contact with the ambassadors to look for early signs things aren’t going the right way. Community members are also welcome to help us looking out for misuse of the title.